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Liability Disclaimer:

The material, content and information that we publish on this website and also on the “Disability News and Links / Our Blog” are published in good faith and we are not responsible for any content published by organisations or individuals mentioned in our blog or for any content originating from any source that any web link might have led, directed, forwarded or pointed to.

Any advertising content (whether free or paid for) that appears on this website is the responsibility of the person or organisation that provided such advertising material to us. We do not take responsibility/ liability for checking the advertising standards/ legal content/ copyright/ trade marks/ etc of any adverts or for any errors that could arise from the process of publishing such adverts on our site, including, but not limited to: typing errors, web/ internet link connection/ I.T. compatibility problems. We do not endorse or guarantee any goods or services advertised on this website.

Free adverts that are submitted to us for publication in the “Business services & other skills offered by disabled people” section of this website must be submitted by and refer to work, skills or services personally undertaken by a disabled person.

We do not guarantee to publish free adverts that are submitted to us and if published we do not guarantee for how long any free advert will remain published on our site. We reserve the right to refuse/ decline to publish any advert without giving or entering in to any form of correspondence about the non acceptance of an advert. It is our company policy not to publish any adverts of a religious or political nature on this site.

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