Free publicity for Disability Sports organisations and businesses:

Claim your free listing on our Disability Sports Local and National Index which lets disabled people know what disability sports are available in their area- see disability bytes website for more details




Disabled People- Coping with no electricity in a power cut.

Did you know that extra help may be available from the company that owns and maintains the electricity cables and lines in your area (this is not the company that you pay your electricity bill to).  For example in London, the South East & East of England disabled people can apply to register on a Priority Services Register with UK Power Networks at There appears to be quite allot of useful help on offer.



Disability “Likes”.

On Disability bytes Facebook page you can see various charities, organisations and businesses that we have liked, most of which are involved with disability issues. These “likes” might lead to useful sources of information about certain disability issues. You can visit our Facebook page via the link provided in the margin of our website pages or by clicking on the following text link: